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Ink on paper,


Exotic Narrative ,
Ink on paper,

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The Problem of Prevost's Squirrel ,
Ink on paper,6'6"x10',2005
Ink on paper,6'6"x9'5",2005
Worms (Philadelphia),
Ink on paper,6'6"x12',2005

Romantic (Working Title),Ink on paper,4'5"x5'5",2005


Mirror,Ink on paper,6'6"x12',2004
River, Ink on Paper, 6'6"x12',2003
Peony, Ink on paper, 6'6"x12',2003
Ophelia 2,Ink on paper, 53"x70", 2003
Ophelia 1 , Ink on paper, 52.5"x64", 2003
Shepherdess, Ink on paper, 6'6"'x6'6", 2002
Pastoral, Ink on paper, 6'6"x12',2002
Supplicant, Ink on paper, 6'6"x12',2002
Idyll, Ink on paper, 6'6"x6'6",2002
Recline, Ink on paper, 4'x6'6", 2002



Samantha Simpson, Encounter, Ink on paper, 6'6"x 12', 2006



































Samantha Simpson, River, Ink on paper,6'6"x 12', 2003

The pieces at right and below represent a selection of recent large scale work on paper. Click the images for enlargements.


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